What Do I Need to Repair a Hole in the Wall

Whether you are carrying a treadmill down to the basement, or hosting a party of preteen boys, drywall damage is bound to happen at some point in home ownership. Fortunately, drywall is designed to be fairly easy to repair and renovation. All you need is the proper knowledge, the right tools, and a full day’s time.

Continue reading to learn which tools and supplies you’ll need to grab at your local home improvement store to repair a small to medium-sized hole in the wall.

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Drywall Repair Tools and Materials

If you are not familiar with handyman or construction work, it is recommended to purchase a drywall repair kit, which can offer all the essential tools and materials for drywall patching and repair. These kits vary in scope and size, but common ones generally include 2 to 3 flexible knives, a utility knife, an insider-corner knife, hammer, screwdriver, saw, drill, nails, and screws. But drywall repairs also require additional materials depending on the needs of the project, including:

    🧰 Compound
    🧰 Self-adhering Mesh Tape
    🧰 Paper Tape
    🧰 Drywall
    🧰 1×4 Block of Pine Wood
    🧰 Hand Sander
    🧰 Nail Bar
    🧰 Level
    🧰 Hack Saw
    🧰 Sandpaper
    🧰 Miter Box
    🧰 Primer
    🧰 Paint
    🧰 Paint Brush or Roller

You can purchase all of the above-listed materials at any local hardware or home improvement store. Ask a store attendant to point you in the right direction, and give advice on the most reliable products. Talk to a licensed drywall contractor for expert advice on household drywall repairs, drywall projects, drywall replacement, and more. They can even take the weight off your shoulders by getting the job done faster, better, and at a price that won’t make you think twice!

Unsure About Your Wall Repair Skills?
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Indianapolis Drywall Contractors
Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319
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