The 8 Basic Phases of a Basement Refinishing Project

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Are you considering refinishing your basement on your own? If so, this is a big decision that will involve comprehensive research, trial and error, long hours, and slow progress. Unless you are an experienced handyman, or have experience in the building and construction industry, it is not recommended to refinish a basement without professional assistance. Not only are there several steps involved, there are even more safety and building codes you must adhere to at all times. Furthermore, refinishing a basement is already a huge investment, so adding on the cost of all the needed tools and equipment is just another hit to the budget. Basically, if you want your basement refinished the right way, you need to hire a professional team of drywall contractors who can manage the project effectively and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are experienced and ready to take on the job, start by reviewing the basic phases of your upcoming remodel in order to prepare yourself on what to expect. Continue reading to review these phases, and who to call for trusted basement refinishing in your town.

8 Basement Refinishing Phases:

Phase 1 – Framing

You will need to frame your walls. Generally, this will involve the majority of planning, as well as, lumber, power tools (framing gun, masonry gun, air compressor, a chop saw, etc.), permits, inspections, wall blocking, ductwork framing, window framing, fire blocking, register extensions, basement poles, existing wall insulation, and much more.

Phase 2 – Electrical

Although you can save hundreds of dollars doing your own electrical, it is never recommended. Money saved is not worth putting your home and your family’s safety at risk. With the innovative changes to the industry, the requirements of professional electricians are much stricter and more complex. Also, there are various codes, new and old, that must always be met. Electricians must know so much more than they did 20 years ago, and this knowledge is critical to electrical safety.

Phase 3 – Plumbing

Just like electrical, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional plumber to ensure your basement plumbing is up to code. You don’t want a septic blowout on your hands! However, with experience and the right knowledge, it is possible to do your own plumbing. Decide wisely.

Phase 4 – Audio Visual

This phase is optional, but most people want television and sound in their finished basement. You can prewire your basement to be a hot spot for all your audio visual and internet needs.

Phase 5 – Drywall

Drywall is heavy, awkward, and challenging to work with. It is dusty, messy, and easily damaged if not handled properly. It also takes a lot of trial and error to learn how to finish drywall properly. You can so this phase yourself, but it will take some time to learn if you do not have experience. Fortunately, you can always hire professional drywall contractors to do the job for you! They can get an entire basement framed and finished in as little as a few days.

Phase 6 – Painting

This is a phase you can certainly do yourself, even without much experience. Just be sure you purchase quality materials and discuss your objectives with the knowledgeable sales people at the paint store. They can get you set up with everything you need.

Phase 7 – Trim & Doors

Trim and doors are an important part of refinishing a basement because it adds the final touches that makes the room feel like the rest of the home. Subtle but impactful, trim and doors are something you want to put some time and effort into for a great result.

Phase 8 – Flooring

Whether you choose tile, carpet, or some other type of flooring, it will be the last step of your basement refinishing project. You can do this step yourself, but it helps to have a partner. However, if you are installing carpet, you may want to use professional installation.

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

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