Should I Install Basement Drywall On My Own?

Drywall Installation and Repair 317-269-7319

Drywall Installation and Repair 317-269-7319

Once a homeowner has made passed all the framing and electrical inspections, they have completed the major stages of finishing a basement, which means they are ready to enter the drywall phase. Although an exciting part of the basement refinishing process, the drywall phase can give homeowners anxiety. When people start thinking about drywalling their basements, they often become concerned over a number of factors.

Questions like “how long will it take?”, “how much will it cost?”, “what thickness should I buy?”, “what tools do I need?” and “Do I need waterproof board for my bathroom?” are all common among those preparing to drywall their basements. These inquiries almost always lead to the ultimate question of whether or not they should do it themselves or hire a contractor. Continue reading to learn the best method for superior basement drywall installation.

DIY Drywall Installation

Even for the most enthusiastic do-it-yourself or home improvement buff, drywall installation is best left in the hands of a professional. Not only is it safer and more cost-effective to hire a professional drywall contractor, it guarantees professional-grade results in an efficient time frame. It requires more than just the proper tools, training, and knowledge to achieve a good drywall job, it also takes resources, connections, experience, and more.

4 Reasons to Never Install Drywall Yourself:

You Don’t Have the Knowledge and Training.

A professional contractor has the knowledge, training, and experience to install drywall. Do you know which off-seam taping patterns are the best? Or anything about staggered drywall butt joints? As you can tell, drywall installation involves several details that only an experienced contractor knows well enough to decide for your basement.

You Don’t Have the Proper Tools or Man-Power.

To install drywall yourself, you would have to purchase all the necessary and unique tools and equipment needed for the job. And the chances of you using these tools and equipment again are very low, making them the opposite of a cost-effective investment. Also, if you don’t have a person to help, you are looking at buying even more expensive equipment, like ceiling lifts, to get the job done alone. A professional contractor already has the staff, tools, and equipment needed for the job, which allows them to install drywall properly and efficiently.

You Don’t Have Good Industry Connections.

If you are installing drywall on your own, you can expect to pay more for a smaller selection of product. A professional drywall contractor has better resources and connections for product. Not only can get better pricing on drywall sheets, they get it from the best and most cost-effective suppliers.

You Don’t Have the Time.

Unless you are retired or unemployed, it is unlikely that you have 8 to 10 weeks to complete your basement’s drywall installation project. And even if you did, after getting this far in the basement refinishing process, you don’t want to wait much longer for the end result! A professional drywall contractor has the tools, training, equipment, staff, and knowledge to get the job done in less than half that time.

Drywall Installation in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Call Drywall by Local Builders at 317-269-7319 for professional drywall installation in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with over 10 years of experience in the drywall construction industry. Our highly-trained drywall contractors provide affordable drywall repair, installation, metal stud framing, grid ceilings, and much more for both commercial and residential properties. Call 317-269-7319 to schedule a free estimate today.

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