Routine Wall Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Just like so many other assets and commodities in the home, walls require a certain level of routine maintenance. So if you want to maintain that level 5 drywall finish and professional paint job, you will need to learn the best methods for taking good care of your walls, and then adopt them as a permanent plan. This includes implementing regular upkeep and care.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about getting started with routine wall maintenance, as well as, what to do when you are stuck with a wall-related problem.

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319
Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Odor Control

It is not reasonable, nor entirely possible, to change your life around in order to prevent your walls from absorbing everyday odors like cooking grease, smoke, pets, and more. But you can implement some strategies to help abate the absorption of such smells. For starters, you can choose a paint that is formulated to retain less odors. Otherwise, it is effective to simply clean your walls on a periodic basis. See our blog, “How to Remove Odors From Walls” for a step-by-step guide.

Stain Control

Aside from odors, your walls are also prone to stains. Everything from fingers and spills, to pet dander, dust, and more, can cause walls to stain or discolor. To remove a wall stain, use a chemical dry cleaning sponge, like Mr. Clean Magic Eraserâ, then finish by using a standard soft sponge and rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the wall clean.

Damage Control

A small defect can quickly evolve into a large one if it is not dealt with in a suitable time frame. A good approach to routine wall maintenance is to stay ahead of drywall and ceiling repairs. Have a hole patched up as soon as it happens, and have cracks filled when they begin to spread. This will prevent a small problem from turning into an invasive, time-intensive, costly drywall repair.

Professional Drywall Service and Repair

Call Drywall by Local Builders at 317-269-7319 for affordable Indianapolis drywall repair and installation services you can trust. We service all of Central Indiana, as well as the Metro Indy areas. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial drywall services, including new home construction, grid ceilings, metal stud framing, and more. Call 317-269-7319 for drywall repair and installation in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding locations today.

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors
Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319
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