How to Spot Improper Drywall Installation

When drywall does not look or perform the way it should, it usually boils down to improper installation. Drywall installation is the key to longevity and appeal, making the decision of hiring a drywall contractor a serious one. If you are on the market for a new property, or perhaps have already purchased a new place, you may want to learn what improper drywall installation looks like. Spotting drywall problems early on can save you loads of money down the line.

Continue reading to learn the most common consequences of incorrect or poor drywall installation, as well as, who to call for drywall repair near you.

Indianapolis Drywall Repair 317-269-7319
Indianapolis Drywall Repair 317-269-7319

✨ Always Hire a Qualified Pro

If you do not hire a licensed and insured drywall installation company with the proper industry credentials, you can face a series of aesthetic disappointments, out-of-pocket costs, and various other inconveniences. Basically, professional-grade drywall installation starts with a skilled contractor who is fully-equipped and capable of taking on the job. Otherwise, these are some things that can go wrong with your property:

Inadequate Dust Management

If you have ever witnessed drywall being cut and installed, you know that the process is extremely messy. This is especially true when it comes to the finishing portion of the job, which is even messier if done improperly. The amount of dust and debris produced by drywall cutting, finishing, and overall installation, is massive, and can spread through vents and air ducts, and travel into the living quarters of the home. Not only is the cleanup a hassle, the inhalation of drywall dust and debris can be harmful, especially to young children and those with suppressed immune systems. You must hire a qualified drywall company that is equipped with the proper materials, equipment, and knowledge of technique, to abate dust and debris.

Un-Leveled Surfaces

If drywall finishing is not done properly, not only will it cause a massive amount of harmful dust and debris, it will also be uneven and look terrible. If you notice that certain areas of wall look lumpy, uneven, or off in anyway, it could be due to improper drywall finishing. Take a closer look at corners and edges of the walls too; if they are not taped and finished properly at the time of installation, these areas can appear uneven as well. To make matters worse, you may think that covering these imperfections with primer and paint will solve the problem, but the truth is, these mistakes are challenging to fix.

Cracking and Splitting

If you see areas on the wall that are cracked, splitting, breaking off, or fractured, you can chalk it up to poor installation. This applies to ceilings too. Although this could also be a result of the property’s foundation shifting or settling, most often, improper drywall taping and finishing are mostly to blame. Corners, edges, and seams are commonly affected areas to watch out for. Drywall blemishes like these can show up right after installation, or even years down the road. You would need to talk to a qualified drywall contractor for advice on the best strategies to remedy drywall cracking and breaking.

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors You Can Trust

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319
Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Call Drywall by Local Builders at 317-269-7319 for affordable Indianapolis drywall repair and installation services you can trust. We service all of Central Indiana, as well as the Metro Indy areas. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial drywall services, including new home construction, grid ceilings, metal stud framing, and more.

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