How to Match Drywall Texture

Indianapolis Drywall Installation 317-269-7319

Indianapolis Drywall Installation 317-269-7319

When you have to patch textured drywall, matching the textures properly can be quite the challenge since there are so many variables involved. In fact, it is strongly recommended to use professional drywall service for patching and repair work on textured drywall unless you have experience. Professional drywall contractors retain all the proper tools, materials, and training to match drywall textures effortlessly. However, if you are going to take on the project yourself, there are a few tips to learn before
you get started.

Continue reading to learn some advice on how to match drywall textures and achieve a seamless finish.

Be Sure the Width of the Drywall Matches the Existing Layer

It is important that the wall is level. To ensure this, you must use the same thickness drywall as the new layer. Otherwise, the new layer will protrude or cave in, which will look defective when finished. Simply measure the width of the existing drywall and find the matching size at your local home improvement store. One exception to this rule is plaster. You may have to use shimming to raise the final layer of your drywall patch since plaster is not always an exact size.

Use as Little Drywall Mud as Possible on the Surrounding Drywall

When taping and coating the surrounding patch area in an effort to make it as flat as possible, be sure to limit the amount of mud you use. Use the thinnest layer possible to get the job done.

Blend the Lines that Distinguish the New Layer with the Existing Layer of Mud

One of the primary focuses of a drywall patching job is to blend the lines so they are not distinguishable when the wall is finished. But there is more to this strategy than this obvious factor. For flat finishes, you could simply feather out the mud and do away with these lines entirely; but for textures, you will need to use a drywall knife or other tool to fill these crevices with excess drywall mud.

Mimic the Same Application Technique Used for the Original Texture

It is vital to use the same tools and techniques used for the existing drywall texture. If you do anything differently, you will not get the same results and your patch will not match the rest of the wall. If you did not apply the initial layer of drywall, you may want to hire a professional for assistance.

Be Sure You Use the Same Amount of Spackle as the Existing Layer of Drywall

Just like you matched the drywall width and technique, you must also match the same amount of drywall mud. If you use less mud than the existing layer, it will appear concaved; and if you use too much, it will look swollen. Work in moderate amounts so you can match the layer accurately.

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Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

Indianapolis Drywall Contractors 317-269-7319

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